Born in Differdange (Luxembourg)

First formal training in glass by a German master glassmaker Paul Rohleder

1964 - 1970
Practice and studied glass-working techniques as cutting, grinding, polishing, acid applications (etching), sandblasting.

1970 - 1980
Moved to Grubbenvorst (Netherlands). Practice and studied applied art and glassmaking at different master glassmakers in Netherlands and Luxembourg. Studying Indian and Tibetan art with several journeys to Asia (one year in India),

1980 - 1986
Apprenticeship on techniques such as leaded stained glass, painting on glass, how
to use oxides with glass, glass slabs, mosaics, engraving, fusing and thermoforming of glass by master glassmaker Gust Zanter (Luxembourg)
Attended a number of courses in Sars- Poteries (France) and Germany on Pate de verre, glass blowing, casting, experiments with electric furnaces ; like fusing and thermoforming of glass.

Opened a Studio in Asselborn (Luxembourg).

International exhibitions, invitations and works:
Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Luxembourg.

Public buildings.