1st International Glass Festival Luxembourg 2006
3rd International Glass Festival Luxembourg 2009
4th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 2011
5th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 20132013
6th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 20152015
7th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 20172017
8th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 2019
9th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 20212021
10th International Glass Festival Luxembourg 20232023




l Luxembourg 2011 Jon Lewis and Robert Emeringer glass casting - International Glass Exhibition Luxembourg 2011 Philippe Paoletti glass cutting International Glass Festival 2011 Exposition International glass Festival Luxembourg 2015 Alexander Fokin. Trees Alexander Fokin. Glass engraving. Glass Festival 2015 Edward Leibovitz. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2015 Exposition International glass Festival Luxembourg 2019 Robert Emeringer. Inspiration Ed van Dijk. Wood fired glass blowing furnace. Glass Festival 2011 Ed van Dijk. Yellow Submarin. Glass blowing furnace. Glass Festival 2019 Ed van Dijk. Impact Zaiga Baiza Emeringer. Bohemians Chrome Yellow Books. Glass Festival 2011 Julie Anne Denton. Flamework. Glass Festival 2015 Lachezar Dochev and Alfred Collard. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2007 Exposition International glass Festival Luxembourg 2013 Giuliano Gaigher. Sguardo Glass Festival preparation 2009 Graham Muir. Antarctic Currents Lachezar Dochev and Robert Emeringer. Glass casting. Glass Festival 2007 Inita Emane. Stained glass restoring. Glass Festival 2019 Ivo Lill. Glass Festival 2007 Kai Kiudsoo Varv. Soldiers Of Fortune Kai Kiudsoo Varv. Glass painting. Glass Festival 2015 Remigijus Kriukas and Patrick Van  Tilbourg. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2009 Tracy Nicholls. Fragile Lace Night glass blowing. Glass Festival 2015 Opening party. Glass Festival 2015 Patrick Van Tilborgh. Glassfarm. Glass blowing furnace. Glass Festival 2011Patrick Van Tilborgh. Frozen Dreams Kazimiers Pawlak. Glass blowing preparation. Glass Festival 2007 Peeter Rudas. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2009 Petr Stacho and Patrick Roth. Mold making. Glass Festival 2019 JanHein Stiphout. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2019 Jiri Suhajek. Birds Jiri Suhajek. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2015 Torsten Rotzsch. Glass blowing. Glass Festival 2013 Arnolds Vilbergs. Signs Night glass casting. Glass Festival 2009



  • Glass cutting (mosaic, Tiffany)
  • Glass grinding and polishing
  • Glass Casting
  • Glass Beads
  • Glass Painting
  • Pate de verre
  • Fusing
  • Stained glass
  • Restoration of Stained glass
  • Glass blowing

Information about all glass techniques by lectures, films, slides and DVD’S

Workshops for children and adults


Meeting of international glass artists


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