Fidail Ibragimov

Born March 25, 1938.
Works in decorative and monumental art

1966 - the Moscow higher school of industrial art (B. Stroganov)
1966-1969 - Gus crystal factory,artist
1969-1975 - the Chief artist of Mineralstroy materials of the USSR (head. product GIS laboratory)

Began participating in exhibitions since 1965,member of the Union of artists since 1970.
1968 - first prize of the USSR
1969 - III prize and medal “Crystal contest”. Moscow
1982 - first prize of the Moscow Union of Artists
1992 - Silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts
1996 - Honored artist of Russia

Member of the Academy of management in education and culture,member of the expert commissions of the USSR and the Russian Federation,
associate Professor of Moscow state art-industrial. University. Stroganov.
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of arts.

The works of F. Ibragimov different plastic concept of the author and complex color accompaniment, its a brilliant game with material allows you to feel the weight of cast glass, which will obey the will of the emotional artist.
F. Ibrahimov - sculptor in glass. His main subject is plastic human body, expressed glass means. In the men's torsos, he emphasizes the strength and tension of the muscles and female shapes – flexible plastic, the harmony of form, color and delights.