Tuva Gonsholt

Living and working in Skien, Norway

1992-95 High School. Norway.
2000-03 Glass & Ceramics School. Bornholm, Denmark
2000 Sandcasting stages with Helle Helsinghoff Copenhagen
2001 Architect Project 1: 1 Modell. Bornholm, Denmark.

1995-97 Bø Glasshytte - Bø, Norway. Assistant.
1997 Glasshytta Gml.Fredrikstad, Norway. Assistant.
1997-00 Glasshytta Kragerø, Norway. Assistant.
2002 Work practice with Mika Karlslund og Steffen Dam. Ebeltoft, Denmark.
2003-05 Hagen Glas Hillerød, Denmark. Assistant.
2005-06 The Furniture Factory  Bornholm, Denmark.
2006-07 Glass gallery Roskilde, Denmark. Assistant.
2008/09 Guide at the exhibition Tempo - Skien,Norway.
Since 2008 Establishing the company Tuva Glass - Skien
2008 Workshop at Møbelfabrikken på Bornholm, Danmark
2009 Workshop at Kosta Glass School, Sweden
2009 Workshop at Glasshyttan Glass Craft, Gothenburg

2006 Hospital Development Project for Central Norway (Helsebygg Midt-Norge). Trondheim, Norway
2006 West Norway Museum of Decorative Arts, Bergen, Norway.
2007 Hydro Porsgrunn, Norway.
2007 Nordenfjellske National Museum of Decorative Arts.
2008 West Norway Museum of Decorative Arts, Bergen, Norway.
2008 Telemark Hospital, DPS Porsgrunn, Norway.
2008 The National Museum Of Art, Architecture and Design.
2009 The City Counsil, Bergen, Norvay.
2009 Gass Nova, Porsgrunn, Norway
2009 The Cultural Rucksack, Telemark, Norvay
2009 The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo.
2012 Surgical Outpatient, Porsgrunn, Norway.
2012 City Counsil of Lommel, Lommel, Belgium

The Norwegian Assosciation of Arts and Crafts.
Appointed representative to the board of Telemark Art Centre Dynamo Glass
Representative for TKS in ROM3.
Represented in the 2011 catalog with Norwegian glass Gas Conference in Seattle. USA
Member of the jury for “Jomfrulands Utstillinga”, 2010, 11, 13
Shortlist committee for Exhibition Grant 2009,10. Deputy 2011, 2012
Representative for TKS for Kunstskolen in Kragerø AS 2009, 2010. Deputy 2011, 2012
Art consulter/promoter, Tempo Skien 2008 og 2009
Consulter/promoter, Kunstnermøte 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 (DKS)

2006 National 1- year State working grant.
2007 Skien Municipality’s Grant for Young Artists.
2007 DNB NOR and Norsk Form’s Prize for Young Artists.
2008 Project Development Grant from Vekst i Grenland.
2008 Business Developm. Grant from Innovation Norway.
2008 Telemark County’s Grants for Artists.
2008 Anders Jahre’s Prize for Young Artists.
2008 National State grant; diversestipend
2008 Arts Council Norway, Exhibition support
2008 National State grant; diversestipend
2009 National 2 - year state grant
2012 National 2 - year state grant
2012 UD, support for catalog
2012 Visual Artists Relief Fund, grant for travelling
2014 National State grant; diversestipend